Effective Date: July 05, 2023

GamblersWORLD Experts Guaranteed Pick Policy



All single/multi-game daily packages and subscription plans of 30 days or fewer purchased at are guaranteed. If you don’t make a profit on a single game package or a multi-game/day package according to our grading system, then your account will be credited back the exact amount of that purchase price. You can use that credited amount toward any future purchase one time and on whichever of our experts you choose.

Partial Payment

Credited money can be used as a partial payment when the purchase price of a single/multi-game daily package is higher than the credited amount. Specific example: when you purchase a 30-day subscription for $399 from one of our experts, and your account has $49 in credit, you’ll be required to pay the difference, $350 to complete that transaction. If it’s a single game daily pick for $35 and you possess $25 in credit, then you’ll be required to pay $10 to purchase the pick.

Future Purchases

Credited money in your account isn’t guaranteed on any future purchases. Only the money that was charged to your credit or debit card is guaranteed.

The GamblersWORLD Experts Guarantee is on every single/multi-game daily package and subscription plan of 30 days or less purchased and applies to money that was paid by you. Picks purchased using credits are not guaranteed.

Credits and Refunds

Credits will be applied to your account within 24 hours and can be used immediately.

All sales are final, and there will be no refunds unless upon approval from Gamblers WORLD.


Grading System:

All gamblersWORLD Expert premium picks are rated 2-unit, 3-unit, 4-unit, 5-unit or 10-unit. The money amount won/lost will be calculated based on $100 bet per unit. These calculations will be the sole determining factor to determine the guaranteed policy for multi-game/day packages purchased at You may recognize a different won/loss figure based on how much you bet per unit, but understand the $100 per unit is an industry standard that we follow for our calculations regarding money won or lost and is etched in stone.



All Sports Past 7 Days
  Matt Fargo 10 - 6 (62.5%) $1684.00
  Chip Chirimbes 11 - 8 (57.9%) $1620.00
  Rob Vinciletti 14 - 10 (58.3%) $1246.00
All Sports Past 30 Days
  Ross Benjamin 30 - 20 (60.0%) $2869.00
  Rob Vinciletti 51 - 38 (57.3%) $1846.00
  Kyle Hunter 15 - 10 (60.0%) $1361.00
All Sports Past 60 Days
  Ross Benjamin 69 - 48 (59.0%) $6075.00
  Rob Vinciletti 103 - 78 (56.9%) $3894.00
  Kyle Hunter 33 - 21 (61.1%) $3092.00
All Sports Current Season
  Kyle Hunter 278 - 246 (53.1%) $3827.00
  Ross Benjamin 425 - 376 (53.1%) $2895.00
  Jesse Schule 453 - 362 (55.6%) $1934.00

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