Chip Chirimbes
    Chip Chirimbes, the Las Vegas Hilton Handicapping Champion, has been a mainstay in the Sports Handicapping Television and Radio industry since 1978. Chip has many 'First' that highlight his career including national media acclaim for his accomplishments. Chip has a reputation of 'Honesty and Integrity' that preceded him ... more
Jesse Schule
      WHO IS THE ICEMAN? He’s no soothsayer and he doesn’t have a crystal ball, but Jesse Schule can indeed predict the future. As a professional handicapper, it’s actually part of his job description. His clients have accused him of secretly possessing Marty McFly’s Sports Almanac, but he ... more
Kyle Hunter
     Kyle Hunter has been handicapping professionally since late 2009. Kyle has a degree in finance and he specialized in statistics. Kyle has the ability to follow important trends and statistics, and discount other trends that aren't predictive. The data and trends can be your friends and Kyle knows ... more
Marc Lawrence
     Marc Lawrence is a 45-year veteran of the sports handicapping industry, having won more documented Top-10 handicapping achievement awards than anyone in the nation - including winning the STARDUST INVITATIONAL FOOTBALL INVITATIONAL in 2005. He publishes the PLAYBOOK Football Preview Guide magazine - in its 29th year this ... more
Matt Fargo
            58-40 Run in the NBA ~ THREE Monday MLB Winners ~ Playoff Action Tuesday MLB on a 58% Run after a 2-0 Sunday SWEEP and Monday features 3 Winners for the PERFECT 3-0 SWEEP! NBA on a 58-40 run and ready to keep it going and the NBA postseason ... more
Oskeim Sports
     Jeff Keim of Oskeim Sports has been a full-time professional sports betting expert since 2007. Jeff's brand has grown to the point of being an internationally recognized name that provides sports bettors with an unparalleled return on investment. Jeff has received 73 distinguished awards in football, basketball, baseball and hockey, including 15 ... more
Paul Bovi
     Paul Bovi began his career on Wall Street and eventually rose to Vice President of a prominent investment firm before transitioning in 1995 to that of a respected and successful professional sports bettor. Paul specializes in NBA, NFL and CFB. In 2004, he launched his career as a ... more
Rob Vinciletti
      Rob Vinciletti is one of the top analysts in the World over the last 24 years. He is Right at or near the top in Every Major sport. Rob Analyzes every game on the board  A tremendous amount of time is taken to handicap the games, utilizing ... more
Ross Benjamin
      Ross Benjamin has made his reputation in the sports handicapping industry by being one of the sharpest prognosticators over the last 2 plus decades. Included in Ron Raymond’s 2008 published book “50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets” he probably says it best. “One of the most underrated handicappers in our ... more
Sean Higgs
    Sean Higgs has been crushing 'The Man' since the early '90s. If you are trying to beat the sports books with stats, trends, and angles you are not going to have a lot of success if you do not know how to apply them. That is Sean's ... more


All Sports Past 7 Days
  Matt Fargo 10 - 6 (62.5%) $1684.00
  Chip Chirimbes 11 - 8 (57.9%) $1620.00
  Rob Vinciletti 14 - 10 (58.3%) $1246.00
All Sports Past 30 Days
  Ross Benjamin 30 - 20 (60.0%) $2869.00
  Rob Vinciletti 51 - 38 (57.3%) $1846.00
  Kyle Hunter 15 - 10 (60.0%) $1361.00
All Sports Past 60 Days
  Ross Benjamin 69 - 48 (59.0%) $6075.00
  Rob Vinciletti 103 - 78 (56.9%) $3894.00
  Kyle Hunter 33 - 21 (61.1%) $3092.00
All Sports Current Season
  Kyle Hunter 278 - 246 (53.1%) $3827.00
  Ross Benjamin 425 - 376 (53.1%) $2895.00
  Jesse Schule 453 - 362 (55.6%) $1934.00

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